We are leaders in taking
of your health.

About Us

Since its origins, ASISA has remained committed to providing quality health care, driven by excellence, through the promotion of the unique, non-profit health cooperative model, based on reinvestment in its own development and infrastructure and focused on improving the health and well-being of people.

Our Companies

Our Group is formed by a several companies, joined by professionals with broad expertise and vast knowledge in health care delivery industry.

Our Figures

In the last years we have consolidated our numbers growing and leading the Spanish private health care sector. Our growth allows us to offer high quality service and treatment to both individual clients and professionals.









International Soul

The international expansion of Asisa Group led by ASISA Dental units, ASISA Human reproduction units, HLA Hospital group and ASISA International allows us to develop projects in new countries, spreading our cooperative spirit abroad.

Asisa Group

"We are proud of what we have achieved, becoming the largest private health care group in Spain, having the client as our top priority."


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